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How fitness is critical to your mental well being, and vice versa.

So my wonderful sister and I are looking to bring some people together for a Health and Wellness vision board workshop and go over this topic of how we feel that fitness and your mental outlook both play off each other so much. We both have degrees in psychology, mine in sport and exercise psychology and hers is a masters in psychology. On top of that our father is also a family and relationship therapist, and moms a nurse - so supporting others and doing our best to get people leading their best life more or less runs in our blood.

I see it all the time in my gym, most of my clients don't fail because they don't have enough time, or that eating this or that is too hard. It's almost entirely psychological - its our mental outlook on "hard work" - I won't bullshit you, exercise is tough for most. Paying to get your ass kicked is even harder - I'm sure if I could put gains in a pill, I could never make enough to meet the demand. I kind of like that part though, that it isn't. The gym has taught me a lot of hard and fast rules, there is no pill, the only thing we can do is embrace that hard work and see it as a tool to nurture both our body and mind.

On the flip side I've seen what success in the gym can do for people, I've seen people flourish so damn incredibly hard that not only did they transform their body, they transformed their mind, and they become a beacon for those around them. I see this happen in families and friendships, as my clients start to become healthier, learn responsible moderation of treats, this infects their home life and their friends. Suddenly everyone around them is a bit healthier, a bit more motivated, and that is really the reason I started my business. I want all of Saint John to feel that. True connection with their own minds and bodies so they live life feeling like a 10, not a 2.

I've had many talks with my sister and I've seen her grow, she has a very honest and open approach and I've had talks with her where shes really helped me to figure out myself and my path. I'm a pretty introspective guy, and I do a lot of positive self talk and coaching, but there is times where I can see how much shes grown in her experience with how she can guide me through a conversation to figure out my own truths.

This is exactly the goal of our health and wellness vision board workshop. I am going to be giving out loads of information on everything from exercises, ideal workout weeks, tips to improve both in the gym as well as to give you strategies to eat better. As we go through this vision board workshop, we don't just want to leave you with a foundation to get started on living a healthier life, but also to dig a bit deeper. Why does it actually matter to you? What will motivate you to be consistent? Are you doing this because you think fitness is punishment for not keeping yourself healthy - or can we change your mindset to see how you are the biggest beneficiary of your efforts. To show you yourself that you can do and achieve anything you put your mind to, and how becoming strong, and feeling empowered by your own inner coach can help you to become the person you always wanted to be - not just for 28 days, but for the rest of your life.

If you're interested message either one of us on facebook - we have 10 spots open and this event will be taking place late september/ early october, hosted at Str1ve Fitness.

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