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Have more oatmeal mornings


The title of this article spawned out of me - obviously having some oatmeal for breakfast (it had some berries and protein infused in there). I was having a really good morning and had been pretty on point with my diet for a bit. This wave hit me and it was just like wow - I'm getting stuff done, I'm eating a meal that I know is good for me and going to get me where I want to be IN THE FUTURE (but also along the journey). I felt really proud of what I was doing, not only that but I felt like if I were to consistently having mornings like that I could just keep getting so much accomplished.

There is a certain mindset that comes along with setting goals, eating healthy, exercising your body, and being in touch with YOURSELF. I've had this idea that as part of the gym I'd really like to start encouraging people to right down 1 goal a week, and just get it done. It doesn't have to be too huge, in fact it should just be something that you could feel good about next week. Whether that's focusing on your diet because you've been off, not getting trashed on the weekend, or maybe that phone call that you've needed to make for a while but keep putting it off because you're too busy (scrolling on your phone, being miserable, watching netflix, or just set your mind on how much you don't want to have that !@#$ing phone call).


After all the gym and fitness is simply a platform, it allows you to elevate yourself to be a better you. It instills the concept of having a long term vision, setting short term goals, applying yourself on a DAILY basis (read: consistency always wins), trying a little harder even if it is TOUGH (maybe try just telling yourself it will be tough going into it and if you impress yourself when it's not that bad then go you) and I tell my clients this all the time. If we can apply all these same concepts to any desire in life, it will be yours. You simply have to act with intention, and in doing so you will be rewarded with the life you want. Maybe that's a lot of money, better relationships, being a better partner, or just feeling like you've got some ammo to fire back on life when you're in the trenches.


Whatever it may be just make sure you actually take some specific written down action! (if you don't right it down then every time you think about getting someth

ing done, you're going to just think up more ideas and float around in your brain, not actually accomplish anything) But for god sake do not just sit on your ass thinking this or that. Write down some goals, eat some !@#$ing oatmeal, appreciate your existence, and get after it!

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