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I've never been a look-at-me person but I'm posting this as a shout-out to my dear brother, owner and my trainer at Str1ve Fitness, and as a kind reminder to myself that I can do whatever I say I can.

At the gentle yet persistent urging of little brother, I agreed to my first-ever, strength-training session, partly because it was free and partly because I really needed the help. My weight was on the rise, my clothes were tight and uncomfortable, getting dressed was a daily exercise in mild self-deprecation and general body distortion. My dear friends lovingly denied my concerns around my growing weight and body changes but literally nothing I owned fit me anymore and I resisted most opportunities of going out, dreading the need to get out of my comfy clothes. I knew there were options available to me but to be honest, I didn't even have a clue where to start. The whole fitness thing felt like a giant, insurmountable and inaccessible-to-me step and I definitely rehearsed ideas that there was nothing I could do about the changes in my body.

With very little expectation, I began my first-ever day at the gym about two years ago, December 2017 and haven't looked back since. Sure, there have been sore days and unmotivated days but this whole experience has been such a great lesson to me, in terms of mindset and how hard our ego works to keep us "safe" often at the expense of personal growth. As they say, there is no growth in the comfort zone.

So, I also share this photo as a reminder to myself and to any of you that may need to hear it, don't listen to the part of you that says "you can't." That thing may be fitness-related or something else entirely, like going out on a first date, trying a new hobby, changing jobs, or taking a day off to extra good care of yourself. If you hear a voice telling you you can't do something, that's exactly why you should!

Thank you @str1vefitness for giving me a hand-up and showing me a way to have fun while getting #ript and to @beccafinlayphotography for capturing my better angle, much appreciated loves!


It’s been a year since I started my fitness journey at Str1ve Fitness. I was always a confident girl, never ashamed of the body I lived in. I rocked what I had with confidence, though always longed for something I thought was too difficult to obtain. One night at a friend’s birthday bonfire Matt told me about his personal training program and gym. I thought to myself here we go, another “I can change your body & your mind” fitness pitch... I heard him out. My first session was free, so I thought to myself why not. Matt was unbelievably patient and understanding with me as I struggled through what I thought were squats during my first session. After that I knew I had to stick with this and try to obtain the body I always wished I had. My one on one training sessions were always filled with many laughs, new and delicious meal plans & tips on doing my workouts efficiently and safely while crushing all of my goals. Matt has exceeded all of my expectations as a personal trainer and fitness coach. Not only did he help me transform my body, but he gave me the knowledge to succeed at reaching new goals on my own. I can now walk into a gym with confidence knowing “I got this”. Thanks Matt and Str1ve Fitness for kickstarting a new and improved healthier me! -Lyd



I found Matt at a time when I had almost given up on fitness. I just didn't know how to motivate myself to do it on my own. He kept me accountable and was always available for questions. Matt taught me to love a good deadlift and to appreciate core workouts despite my complaining about them. I orginally signed up for 6 weeks and stayed for 6 months so that says a lot.


Matt is the best trainer!! He makes it fun, keeps me laughing and is encouraging. He helps me focus on what matters most which is my strength and health and all the confidence and joy the comes with being stronger. Thanks Matt!!!


Ok, so I’m not very good at these. However, I just wanted to say that Matthew is wonderful at what he does. He’s very knowledgeable and a great motivator. I’ve lost 20lbs since November, gained muscle and lots of definition. My head space has also gotten healthier.

The one on one training for me was the way to go. Sometimes we can’t always see our posture, and are unsure of ourselves. It is reassuring to work with Matthew, he teaches you the proper way and pushes you, usually with jokes!! I’m not slowing down anytime soon! Just wanted to say Thank you Matt, see you first thing in the morning. #gains#str1vefitness#.


Str1ve Fitness is a great locally owned 1 on 1 gym! Matt really cares about his clients, not only during your 1-hour session, but on days off too. He is always checking in to make sure you’re sticking with healthy eating and is always available to answer any questions! He truly listens to your goals and makes sure that is the sole focus of your training. The atmosphere of one on one training is great; the focus is 100% on you. It’s also the only gym on the west side. It’s great to see someone offer their services on this side of town. I would recommend Matt and his gym to anyone!


The last 2 years have been a major challenge to stay fit due to a health problem involving my feet
After 2 months at Strive fitness I am starting to feel like my old self again, strong and ready to take on daily challenges
Matt is an awesome coach, making my workouts tailored for me, in a relaxed, encouraging way
Thank you Matt


I wanted to hold off a bit on this review, but at the pace I was going early on, I knew I was going to see some results I'd be very satisfied with. Truthfully, I was starting to see changes to my physique within the first week of sessions at Str1ve. I am currently into my 4th week of training with Matt, and have gone up on average a pound a week so far (my goal was to make some gains). Before I started at Str1ve, I had let a few things slide a little. I have worked out consistently in the past, but didn't really adhere to a strict program and I would tend to become aimless over time and lose sight of why I was doing it. In addition to this, my diet wasn't careful or controlled, and my sleep routine was not consistent. In a short amount of time, my workouts and diet plan I received at Str1ve have already helped me make a significant improvement in all of these aspects, which in turn have improved other areas of life as well.
As many of us know, motivation is unreliable - it is fleeting, inconsistent and based on emotion. Self-discipline, and the ability to put your head down and do the work when it's hard is always going to benefit you more in the long run, but when you find someone who can give you that extra bit of motivation and make the work fun, and is genuinely invested in your progress, then why not use it - right? Matt Daniels is one such person. Being under a watchful eye and guidance from someone who really knows what to look for can make a world of difference.
Although I am sure his approach varies from individual to individual, Matt took a straight forward, no fluff and no BS approach to fitness with me. I told him what I wanted to see, and he went straight to putting together an individually tailored and focused schedule where I meet him 3 evenings a week at the Str1ve gym, which is perfectly outfitted for a one-on-one training experience. Matt has extensive and holistic knowledge, and his focused attention to the big picture (not only inside the gym) - as it applies to your health - is immediately apparent. He's watching your posture, mixing up the workouts to make sure to keep things fresh while also pushing you a bit further each time, making sure you're tracking your results, that you're eating right to fuel your workouts, and that you're never slacking through any portion of the movements in your lifts.
Matt's combination of knowledge in different areas will make sure the different elements of your life are working together in unison. A lot of things improved for me all at once (in part out of necessity, to keep up with his workouts). He put me on a new meal plan, which I have stuck to religiously so far, and I've made the necessary adjustments to my sleep routine as well, to get that extra time for recovery. His program has given me that extra bit of motivation to see where I will go from workout to workout. Some of the changes I've made can seem simple in concept, or are good habits that are forgotten over time, but they should not be mistaken for easy to do or even to maintain once they've been adopted. Matt understands this very well - our tendency to regress to what is comfortable. He often shares that philosophy throughout the sessions, as well as advice to help stay on track, which is yet another thing that exemplifies how attentive he is to the small details. The benefits I've gained so far are already showing, not just in the gym but other areas of life. My energy levels have increased, my eating habits have improved, my quality of sleep is better, I am notably stronger each workout. I've also made some visible improvements that I am already satisfied with.
For anyone looking to improve their lifestyle and invest in something your future self will thank you for, give Matt a visit at Str1ve gym and share your goals with him. I have confidence he can help you get there if you stick to it. He will create something based on your current situation, and keep you both motivated and disciplined throughout. You can really sense the passion Matt has for improving someone's life and the gratification he gets when a client notices tangible improvements, which I think will lead to many a happy client at Str1ve!

Greg (Gregor the Great)

Matt provides a friendly and professional approach to training in a non-intimidating environment! Great place for newbies that want to learn the ropes to seasoned athletes to build strength and endurance #str1ve


Worth every penny, Matthew is great to work with and knows how to get a person motivated. Highly recommend to anybody!


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Riley Jones

I spent 6 wks at the Str1ve Fitness Studio with Matt. Matt is an excellent personal trainer. Matt's encouragement will give you an instant lift. Matt will review your goals, make recommendations for you to reach your goal and will implement a plan for you to get there!! Matt checked in at meal time, encouraged, and pushed with all aspects of the weight training, meal plan, calorie counting, proper positioning when lifting weights, setup cardio routines, etc. The one hour session flew by and felt more like 5 min. Recommend Matt to anyone looking to improve their physical health and fitness. Great experience !! Thanks Matt !!


Str1ve Fitness Studio owner Matt Daniels provides thoughtful training in a private, comfortable environment. I just finished the six week Foundation for Strength training program and I can already see positive changes in my quality of life. Through guided one on one sessions, Matt builds a workout that is catered to your needs. My strength, flexibility and posture all improved through the course of the program. He sets you up with the knowledge and confidence to then continue on your own. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in improving their quality of life through fitness.


I’ve finally found a trainer who takes the time to explain why we are doing what we are doing! Matt is awesome! Super personable and so helpful. My form has improved and I know what the workouts are doing to my muscles and why I need to do them!


I started out with Matthew Ryan Daniels almost 2 years ago. I was in a pickle with my weight... I've tried working out and eating right time after time myself with little to no results. Since I've had Matt's help ive lost 85 pounds and learned how to get myself AND keep myself in check!
Working out is no longer a chore but my honest lifestyle now 😎💪
I owe it all to you boss man! Keep up the good work helping others and I'll keep on keeping on too 👊


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