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About Me

I started Str1ve Fitness because I wanted to deliver a truly different and unique experience to training and changing people's lives by changing the way they think about their body. I started exercising at the age of 13 because I lacked confidence and I wanted to be more independent, I felt like a short incapable nerd at this stage in my life. I refused to go to beaches with my friends because I didn’t like the way my body looked.


Six year laters, I was still passionate about learning how my body works and how to help others by teaching them what I’ve learned - I started my undergraduate program focusing on Sport and Exercise Psychology. As I continued to figure out what made me happy in life, I realized how much I loved helping people learn how to understand their bodies to make immense changes in their healthy, confidence, well being, strength and aesthetic. Not only that but the gym showed me the foundation for what drives a successful life, consistency, pushing your limits, taking care of your well being.


Growing up in Saint John I had such a desire to help people as so many seemed to suffer with recognizing that when they were saying no to exercise, nutrition, leaning into struggle - they were actually saying no to themselves, to what they are capable of and attaining what they want in life. Life doesn’t really seem to let up especially if you can’t dedicate yourself to improving your situation, you must Str1ve to be stronger than what life is going to throw at you. It’s my personal mission to help as many people to become stronger, every day, not only to improve their life, but everyone around them.


So far I have helped people lose hundreds of pounds, increase their strength more than they ever would have imagined, and most importantly showed them how to have fun with their fitness adventure, hopefully you’re next.


1-on-1 Private Studio

Need your own private space to start getting the best results possible in the fastest time? With our private studio you'll be able to get all the focused attention you need and a safe space to learn how to transform your mind and body to be prepared for anything life throws your way!

Distance Coaching

Get in the best shape of your life from anywhere on the planet with any equipment you have! Str1ve Fitness Distance coaching has you covered and offers you complete customization with maximum flexibility for your busy lifestyle

Hybrid Coaching

Want to be able to run your own program but still need that personal touch? Hybrid coaching is great for those that want a mix of flexibility for their schedule but also get that personal touch and accountability that face-to-face private training offers. Level up your form while also having a kickass program you can do when we aren't together!

Your Meal plan


Every program comes with a foundational meal program that'll change as you do. We'll even teach you the tools you need so you can eat whatever you like. We like to teach people the HOW instead of just living off templates the rest of your life. They get better results this way too - and knowledge they keep forever!



Matt has exceeded all of my expectations as a personal trainer and fitness coach. Not only did he help me transform my body, but he gave me the knowledge to succeed at reaching new goals on my own. I can now walk into a gym with confidence knowing “I got this”. Thanks Matt and Str1ve Fitness for kickstarting a new and improved healthier me! -Lyd



Matt leads with confidence. He teaches with ease. He's down to earth, incredibly funny, and cares so much about people that sometimes it makes him sick. He has the heart of a tiger and will challenge you to achieve your goals. He helped me develop a healthy relationship with my body and the skills to take care of my physical health while still enjoying a foodie lifestyle, which is incredibly priceless to me. I'm over 3 years in and haven't looked back.

Screenshot (70).png


Matt helped me after I had dislocated my elbow. I was an active athlete already but wanted to put on strength and size. We trained together for a couple years and I put on around 40lbs of muscle in that time and got insanely strong. I still workout to this day using the knowledge I gained from Matt and don't plan on stopping any time soon!



Matt has helped me create positive habits, which have greatly improved my physical and mental health. He evaluates where I am at in the moment, and creates a workout to fit my needs. For me, this ranges from bodybuilding to power-endurance and mobility focused exercises. I am never afraid to send him a message about diet advice or anything else training related. I have lost 20 pounds in total the last 3 months. Str1ve Fitness is worth every penny!!!



Before I started at Str1ve, I had let a few things slide a little. I have worked out consistently in the past, but didn't really adhere to a strict program and I would tend to become aimless over time and lose sight of why I was doing it. In addition to this, my diet wasn't careful or controlled, and my sleep routine was not consistent. In a short amount of time, my workouts and diet plan I received at Str1ve have already helped me make a significant improvement in all of these aspects, which in turn have improved other areas of life as well.

As many of us know, motivation is unreliable - it is fleeting, inconsistent and based on emotion. Self-discipline, and the ability to put your head down and do the work when it's hard is always going to benefit you more in the long run, but when you find someone who can give you that extra bit of motivation and make the work fun, and is genuinely invested in your progress, then why not use it - right? Matt Daniels is one such person. Being under a watchful eye and guidance from someone who really knows what to look for can make a world of difference.


Lauren H

I’ve been training with Matt for just over a year now and I have learned so much about fitness and my own body! Matt is a great coach, so great that I have been training on my own for 5 months now Matt gives you all the skills you need to be successful in and out of the gym health wise. His training is worth every penny. Definitely recommend!


Lauren N

I absolutely loved training with Matt. I did both one on one as well as distance coaching and enjoyed every minute of it. I saw results much faster than I ever had while working out on my own. I learned so much about fitness while gaining new skills and healthy habits.

Not only did I see physical improvements but my eating habits also drastically improved and I was able to stick with both with all of Matts motivation and support. Truly such a wonderful experience.



I started Distance Coaching a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! It’s exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear to reach my fitness and health goals. This program is great to keep you accountable. I could be anywhere in the world and Matt is with me every step of the way, every single day. He set me up with a meal plan and workout plan, We do our daily check ins on meals (I send a pic of every meal and every workout), workouts and how I’m feeling. He makes the adjustments I need to continue to stay successful in my journey. Matt is extremely motivating, encouraging and I can’t say enough about the support you get from Matt and his Distance program.



Distance coaching offered by Matt has proven to be the best investment that I have ever made.

After not being at the gym for almost a year, it was time to get started again, but covid-19 got in the way of that. Matt offering this program has been a major game changer.

The workouts are great to follow, and the meal plan is something that everyone can do.

At first I thought I would be hungry all the time, but once I started eating based on the meal plan, I found I was having difficulty finishing it all.

Knowing what you are going to eat and when, based on your own food choices through the meal plan, makes this very easy to follow.

No more weird diet foods or pre-packaged processed junk to buy, it's your own food!

What you will save in following the meal plan with your own food, that will more than cover the cost of the program.

The workouts have instruction videos for you to follow so that you can see exactly what to do, where your stance should be and how to execute the exercise effectively.

Matt's continued support throughout the day with check-ins gives you the feeling of being right in the gym working with him. Kinda like having your own personal trainer at home

My progress after only 2 weeks has been amazing! 11lbs down!

I'm not bored, tired or hungry throughout this process and the cost is incredibly low for what Matt gives back to you.

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